Student Training & Alumni

Student Training & Alumni

The Office of Students Training and Alumni (OSTA)

The Office of Student Training was founded in 1988 with the objective of graduating leaders of Kuwaiti youth who are highly qualified to safeguard the flag of development and innovation in the various fields of business administration and economy. The Unit of Administrative Sciences Alumni was launched in 1999, and upon Dean’s resolution number 16 of 14.6.2003, it was merged with the Office of Students Training to become one unit with a new title: Office of Students Training and Alumni (OSTA).

Main Objective:

The office is intended to bridge the gap between practical life requirements and academic teaching and to enhance communications channels between the college and its graduates for the interest of the college’s undergraduates and graduates. 

Main Goals:

  1. Increase students’ knowledge of applied life skills by disclosing him/her with applied experiences practice in the work field and its problems. Hence, decrease the gap between the theoretical knowledge received by the student in academic study, and the applied practice whether in public or private sectors. This is achieved by offering workshops in resume building and mock interviews.
  2. Notify students with available future work opportunities through all information about the general and private works organizations and their needs of the human expertise that enable the students plan their occupational future.
  3. Strengthen the cooperation bridge between the various organizations in the labor market and the College of Business Administration. This is achieved by offering internship courses after receiving proposals from those organizations to develop the applied educational methods and curriculums within the College that suit the successive and continuous development in the labor market requirements. Also, propose convenient advice and guidance benefiting the responsible officials in such organizations that enable them to raise their sufficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Discover students’ trends and admirations concerning the occupational future, and their tendencies towards better occupational available opportunities to meet such trends.
  5. Encourage the idea of entrepreneurship for students. This is achieved by cooperating with Kuwaiti establishments which participate in such field.
  6. Increase students’ awareness about the most modernized developments in the fields of the workplace to enable them to follow such developments, recognize better methods to apply in the Kuwaiti business environment.

Dr. Zainab Al-Qenaei

Office Supervisor

Athraa Bahzad

Hawraa Almajadi

Office Coordinators


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