Public Administration Club

Public Administration Club


Established in January 2016, the Public Administration Club provides students with academic and recreational services. Our aim is to bring forth a generation of youth equipped with leadership skills that strive to achieve a higher level of ambition and diverge from the status quo. The Public Administrations Club works as a company and brings together all majors of the College of Business Administration to add value to our community. We believe that each sector must work together efficiently and ethically for the company to become successful and benefit our society.

Our Mission is to:

  • Encourage social responsibility within our community.
  • Directly assist in the achievement of academic and occupational goals concerning the public administration field.
  • Offer the chance to organize academic interviews with the participation of faculty and students which provides a chance in discussions concerning the diverse activities if the club.
  • Strengthen the relationships between the club and international and local organizations in the public administration field.
  • Nurture skills of students by offering leadership opportunities, direct communication with occupational or professional and academic commissions, training programs, academic conferences, and its effect on academic accreditation.
  • Encourage participation in training opportunities, expos, activities, and events that are offered by organizations or companies
South Building, 3rd Floor, room#


Club Supervisor:

Dr. Barrak Alghraballi, Assistant Professor

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