Economics Department

Economics Department

The department seeks to integrate its courses with other programs offered at Kuwait University by providing a range of elective courses which are consistent with developmental and social needs of the State of Kuwait.

The Department of EconomicsĀ aims to provide the students of the College of Business Administration and those specializing in Economics with the necessary analytical tools and skills which will enable them to understand and analyze the current economic issues in International, Regional, and Local Economies. This is carried out in accordance with the needs of the job markets, both in the private and the government sectors.

In order for a student to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Economics, he/she must complete 120 credit hours (units), which are comprised of 30 units of general university requirements, 51 units of joint college requirements, 33 units of specialization requirements, and 6 units of free electives.


Department head

Haya Al Dhuwaihi

Department Secretary

South Building, 3rd Floor