Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program (SEP) expands opportunities for students to study abroad and benefit from exposure to international business practices. It also provides experiential learning opportunities for students to interact with different academic institutions and cultures. TheStudent Exchange Program was established in March 31st, 2008.


SEP mission is to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. Throughout this, SEP services to students’ education abroad are more important than ever. It can help make the world a better place for all and share a collective sense of fulfillment in ourcontributions to society.


SEP is CBA’s key component of the international profile of member business schools. Members cooperate as equal partners in a spirit of trust and mutual support to offer high-quality programs and further the internationalization of their campuses, collectively achieving goals beyond their individual reach. While SEP reciprocal exchange and study abroad programs enable CBA students to experience intellectual and personal growth through immersion in another culture, CBA also has enough exchange spaces for every abroad qualified student to go on exchange at its’ campus.


SEP is a network of CBA’s students with global business schools. It provides affordable international educational experiences for a diverse student population through enabling the student to study internationally for a semester or a full-academic year. From this point, SEP is responsible for the coordination of all activities related to establishing and maintaining undergraduate and graduate exchange agreements with overseas business schools. It provides support and advice to both incoming and outgoing students on all aspects of their exchange experience.

Dr. Yaser Alkulaib

Program Director

Ms. Ikhlas Abdullah

Director Assistant for SEP Students Affairs

Ms. Nirvana Saleh

Director Assistant for SEP Partner Affairs


Ms. Rana Alyaqout

SEP Coordinator


Incoming Students

Student Exchange Program (SEP) gives an opportunity to incoming exchange students to interact within the Arabian & Islamic Cultures and the Kuwaiti traditions and increase the awareness of both worlds byachieving a successful blending between their cultures and mentality. Such experience reflects the right image of Arab and Muslims to incoming exchange students.

Incoming Student is expected to take a workload equivalent to that of a typical CBA student. Due to the high levels of demand for exchange places at CBA, SEP is unable to take students other than those nominated by our partner business schools. SEP makes a further valuable contribution to the culturally diverse environment, and enhances thelearning experience of all students.

Outgoing Students

Student Exchange Program (SEP) gives an opportunity to undergraduate students to get the advantage of global education system. Partner Business Schools send students to CBA as part of the exchange program. These students enrich CBA experience with their unique cultural and international business perspectives.In order to maintain the success of SEP educational purposes and values of exchanging students with global partner business schools, the Minister of Higher Education sets certain conditions of enrollment in the exchange program for CBA students on March 31st, 2008.


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