The Economics Club

The Economics Club

The economics club was established at the college of business administration in 2003 and was re-publicized in 2017 by ambitious economic students who were eager to promote the economics major and highlight its scientific importance to the student of the college. The club can be thought a small committee organized by economics students intended mainly to provide educational social and academic services to support and help the students to enrich and improve their education. The economics club also aspires to expand students horizon and increase their knowledge in the economics field and to emphasize the importance of this field through educational action activities carried out by the club which aims to increase their knowledge of the major and to prepare them for their future careers. the economics club seeks to enhance communication between the economics students and to enable them to identify and develop their abilities and potentials through the establishment of targeting social activities and events which in turn enhance organized teamwork among the club members


The Economics club attempts to take a leading role in education at college of business administration in Kuwait university by providing the most efficient and effective educational activities to guide the student and shed the lights on economics.

Our mission is to:

  • Develop the leadership and professional skills of the members of the economics club
  • Broaden students perceptions and knowledge about the economics and its role
  • Prepare economics students for their future careers
  • promote teamwork
  • enhancing the students self confidence through their participation in the seminars and academic dialogues held by the club
  • solving any problem that faces the economics students related to subjects and schedules and creating a link between the students and the administration¬†organizing scientific and academic activities that aims it’s generating enlightened students in the field of economics.
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Club Supervisor:

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