Financial Trading Center

Financial Trading Center

As a part of our social responsibility at the College of Business Administration (CBA), the Financial Trading Center (FTC) was established in 2007 in order to train CBA’s students on the latest tools in the investment world. At the FTC, we strive to teach our students and our community on how to invest responsibly, design efficient portfolios, learn about different investment asset classes, and so much more. The financial world is moving rapidly and it is our responsibility to adapt to these changes and make our community aware of them. The primary premise of the FTC is to make the transition easier for our students, faculty, and community from the theoretical academic environment, which we teach in classes at CBA, to the professional and financial world. Participants at FTC’s workshops and competitions will get first-hand knowledge about different investment and trading techniques used by professionals in the field. FTC visitors have access to real time market data through any of FTC’s data subscriptions such as Bloomberg Terminal. We aim at increasing the financial literacy and knowledge in our community.

Dr. Khaled Alsabah


Saad Almuqbel


Sarah Abdullah


First Floor B-1031

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