Scholarships and Faculty Recruitment

Scholarships and Faculty Recruitment

The college of business administration recruits faculty in two ways; Vacant Positions and Scholarship Program

  1. Interested faculty members can apply for vacant faculty positions provided on Kuwait University website – On-Line Recruitment System
  2. Non-faculty can apply for the scholarship program to become a faculty member. The purpose of the scholarship is to receive a Ph.D. in the discipline for which the scholarship candidate is sent. The General Scholarship Committee sets the required criteria for candidacy. Sent-to schools must be AACSB credited and are highly ranked in the specific discipline. The list of approved universities is updated regularly, and scholarship applicants must obtain an admission approval from one of the listed universities before applying to the program. The application period for scholarships usually starts from October to April every year. Applications are submitted to the Scholarship Department of the Office of The Vice President for Academic Affairs during the official working hours.

Dr. Dalal Ahmad


Asmaa Alqattan

Scholarship Office Coordinator

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