Basel Al-Eideh

Faculty Profile



Basel M. Al-Eideh was born in Jordan in 1962. He earned his Ph.D. in Statistics from Colorado State University, USA in 1992; Master of Science Degree in Statistics from Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan in 1987 and Bachelor of Science Degree in Statistics from Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan in 1984.

He is an Associate Professor, Kuwait University (2000-Present); Associate Professor, King Saud University (1998-2000); Assistant Professor, Jordan University of Science and Technology (1992-1998). He presides as Professor of Statistics at Kuwait University. Of Jordanian nationality, he communicates proficiently in Arabic and English.  Read More…

Specializing in Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes, and in Operations Research, He conducts research in mathematical models for population growth, stochastic processes and their applications, statistical inference for stochastic processes (SP), and time series modeling and applications.  Among his many achievements, He designed scientific research and studies, constructed and analyzed a statistical questionnaire, served as local Chairman for the International Conference in Business, Decision, and Technology in 2002, participating in more than 30 International Refereed Conferences and performed statistical analysis.  He acts as a consultant for researchers and trainer in more than 50 programs and workshops with the university, banks, ministries, and businesses, also, he serves on the Editorial Board of more than 13 International Scientific Journal in USA, France and Bulgaria as well as chairing sessions and member in the scientific committee of different international conferences in many countries.  Additionally, He referees and reviews more than 130 journal papers in Kuwait, Jordan, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Canada, Spain and France as well as different conference papers in many countries.  An acclaimed expert, He has authored or co-authored seven books:  Criminal Statistics (Ministry of Interior, Kuwait, 2002), Designing and Processing Skills for Scientific Research and Case Studies and Analyzing using SPSS Statistical Package (Publishing Scientific Council, Kuwait University, Kuwait, 2005), Statistical Methods for Business Data Analysis Using SPSS (Published in English by Scholars’ Press, Germany, 2016), Applied Modeling and Forecasting (Published in English by Scholars’ Press, Germany, 2017), A Review of Statistical Inference problems on Markov Processes (Published in English by LAMBERT’ Press, Germany, 2018), Introduction to Finite Markov Chains (Published in English by LAMBERT’ Press, Germany, 2019 and in 9 more languages: German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish by different Publishers in 2020 as well as Arabic by Generis Publisher in 2021) and New Strategies in Economics and Applications: A Stochastic Process Approach (Published in English by LAMBERT’ Press, Germany, 2021). A prolific writer, his scholarly papers have appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals (more than 90 research papers).  In the future, he will continue to provide instruction, to conduct research, and to serve his community.  He intends to conduct more research papers and projects, write more books and look forward to chairing an international conference.


He honored in Athens Institute for Education and Research, Associate Member in the IEOM Society International (Industrial Engineering and Operations Management), USA, Greece, AMSE Association, France, Scientific Committee; Athens Institute for Education and Research, Greece; Indian Academy of Mathematics, India; Arab Statistical Union, Egypt; Jordan Assoc. of Mathematical Sciences, Jordan; Educational Development Council of Al-Korah Directorate; numerous committees. He is a recipient of the Shoman Prize for Young Arab Scientists in Mathematical Sciences in 1995

Expertise and Research Interests

  1. Mathematical Models for Population Growth.
  2. Stochastic Processes and their Applications in Physics, Ecology, Biology, Economics and Communication problems.
  3. Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes.
  4. Time Series Modeling and their Applications.
  5. Queuing and Storage Theory and their Applications.
  6. Applications of Statistics and Probability Theory to Demography, Insurance, Economics, Business, Public Health, Medical and Social Sciences.