Abdullatif Alrashdan

Faculty Profile


  • PhD, Business Administration, University of Connecticut
  • MBA, State University of New York
  • Bachelor, Business Administration (Finance), Kuwait University


Abdullatif Alrashdan is an assistant professor of strategy and international business at Kuwait University – College of Business Administration. Abdullatif holds a Ph.D. in business administration with concentration in management from the University of Connecticut. He also received an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Kuwait University. Prior to his graduate education, Abdullatif worked as a financial analyst in Kuwait and Bahrain. Abdullatif’s research interests include international business, foreign direct investments, and new market entry

Expertise and Research Interests

  • International Strategy
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Market Entry
  • Alnahedh, M. & Alrashdan, A. (2021). To downsize or not to downsize: when and how does corporate downsizing create long-term value? Management Research Review Vol. 44 No. 11, pp. 1539-1564
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  • 2020-present: Assistant Professor, Management and Marketing Department, CBA, Kuwait University
  •  MGT 460: International Business
  • MGT 450: Strategic Management
  • MGT 412: Organizational Change and Development
  • MGT 410: Organizational Theory and Design
  • MGT 303: Business Communications and Report Writing
  • Alrashdan, A. (February, 2021). Essays on Alliance Management and Instability. Presented Virtually for Kuwait University College of Business Administration Research Colloquium.
  • Alrashdan, A., Souder, D., & Grove, S., (October, 2019). Effects of CEO career horizons on alliance governance mode. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Alrashdan, A., & Souder, D., (August, 2018). A behavioral perspective on the choice of alliance governance mode. Academy of Management Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Souder, D., Shaver, M., & Alrashdan, A. (December, 2017). The market value partitioning method for interpreting intertemporal tradeoffs. Strategic Management Society Special Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica.