Center of Excellence in Management

Established in the College of Business Administration (CBA)in the year 1996, the Center of Excellence in Management (CEM) has been a continuous pivot for research, consultancy & development with its different units, that aim to enhance the cooperation between the college and the business community and the society in general. The founding vision was to build a center that would allow CBA to stand out in the fields of both Academic and Scientific Research with the help of grants from various funding agencies.Such opportunities have been made open not only to Faculty Members, Students, & Alumni of CBA, but in fact across all faculties in Kuwait University, and the Public & Private Faculties in Kuwait. Also, the CEM has engaged with Nonacademic Institutions like Banks, Investment Firms, Public sector & Private Enterpriseson different occasions with Symbolic Projects that have marked History. Lastly, CEM has reached Internationalheights by collaborating with well-known names to seek continuous Acclaim and Recognition in the field of Education and Advancement.

South Building, 1st Floor, room # B1011

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Board of Trustees
  • Mohammad Ibrahim ZainalActing Dean of the College of Business Administration (Chairman)
  • Adnan Ali Sultan MubarakAssistant professor at the Department of Economics at the College of Business Administration
  • Khaled Abdel Saheb MahdiSecretary-General of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development
  • Mishaal Al-Shaheen Al-RubaieUndersecretary of the Office of the Minister of Youth Affairs in Kuwait
  • Salem Falah Al HajrafDeputy Director-General for scientific affairs- Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences
  • Raed Jawad BukhamseenChief Executive Officer- Kuwait International Bank
  • Qusai Nasser Al-AmerDeputy Chief Executive for Administrative Affairs – Kuwait Oil Company
  • Hamad Abdul Mohsen Al MarzouqChairman of Executive Committee at Kuwait Finance House
  • Waleed Khaled AlkhashtiChief of Corporate Communications and Relations- Zain Kuwait Company
Board of Directors
  • Dr. Mohammad Zainal

     Director and Chairman of the   Board of Trustees

  • Anwar Al Shriaan, Director

     Research & Consultancy Unit

  • Mohammad Al Zuhair, Director

      Capacity Building Unit

  • Hameed Al Qaheeri, Director

     Academic Exchange, Development and Leadership Unit

Organizational Structure

CEM Activities
  • Management Consulting
  • Studies and research
  • Training programs for workers in the government and private sectors
  • Training and qualification programs for new university graduates and preparing them for the requirements of the Kuwaiti labor market
  • Practical case studies from the Kuwaiti environment
  • Hold specialized conferences
  • Administrative and leadership development
  • Other activities that cover the following areas:

Public Administration, Project management, Office management, Organizational behavior, Health Management, Engineering Management, Quantitative Methods, Financial Investment Management, Insurance, Statistics, Commercial Law, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Media and public relations, Business Management, Quality management and risk analysis, Management information systems, Strategic Studies and Consultations

  • CEM has worked on numerous projects since it was established. Each project had an expected added value to the community in its respective field.
    For the past five years, the CEM has reached more than 1 Million Kuwaiti Dinars in endowment for working on numerous impactful projects.


    • Research & Consultancy:
    • Providing Research Consultancy for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in partnership with the College of Engineering, Kuwait University.
    • Contributing to Research Administration with Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)
    • Consultancy service for Public Authority of Minors Affairs
    • Consultancy service for Ports Authority


    • Academic Advancement:

    Under the Capacity Building Unit, the CEM always thrives on being a source of provision for students who seek hands-on experience before entering the practical world. It provides training facilities for those who would like to enhance their   background in multiple academic fields like statistical analysis, linguistic programs, case studies, and orientation on different disciplines in the business industry.

    • Statistical Unit for Students: CEM provides one such opportunity throughout the academic year, where students can apply for an internship program at the Statistical Unit. This provides them with hands-on experience in data collection, data mining, and statistical analysis.
    • Graduate Students Training: This program is aimed explicitly at CBA graduates who wished to get insights into the real world before moving into their career paths. The program is laid out in a way to cater to 4 major disciplines in the practical world. We have conducted this couple of times
    • English Language School (ELS) US-based: For the first time in Kuwait, on the 18th of July 2018, the English Language School (ELS) launched its first presence in partnership with Kuwait University through the CEM, CBA. ELS is a renowned name in the field of English Language training. This course was fully sponsored by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) without whose support it would not have been possible to imagine the success we achieved.


    Awareness Activities:

    In order for the center to achieve its goals, it is necessary to work on developing an extensive awareness program to introduce the center, its capabilities, and goals, as well as a comprehensive plan to market its activities.

    • The awareness program includes field visits to many public and private entities to introduce the activities of the center and to identify the needs of those entities from activities that can be implemented by the center.
    • Take advantage of those field visits to prepare presentations for institutions to discuss the possibility of participating in financing some of the center’s activities.
    • Carry out field visits to all commercial banks and other financial institutions in the field of practical training for their employees on economic and financing issues.
    • Communicating with regional and international organizations and bodies to benefit from their experiences in the areas of the center’s activities and to discuss the possibility of their participation in some training and consulting activities, including:
      • World Bank Office (Kuwait)
      • International Monetary Fund Office for Economy and Finance (Kuwait)
      • Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation
      • Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
      • Arab Planning Institute
      • Office of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)